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1New Dimension for Brain Mapping 

    Assaf, Y (2018)

   Science, November 29, 2018

2. Resolution considerations in imaging of the cortical layers

    Lifshits, S., Tomer, O., Shamir, I., Barazany, D., Tsarfaty, G., Rosset, S., & Assaf, Y. (2017).

    NeuroImage, (February), 1–9

 3. In vivo correlation between axon diameter and conduction velocity in the human brain

    Horowitz, A., Barazany, D., Tavor, I., Bernstein, M., Yovel, G., & Assaf, Y. (2015).

    Brain Structure and Function, 220(3), 1777–1788

4. Visualization of cortical lamination patterns with magnetic resonance imaging

   Barazany, D., & Assaf, Y. (2012).

   Cerebral Cortex, 22(9), 2016–2023

5. In vivo measurement of axon diameter distribution in the corpus callosum of rat brain

    Barazany, D., Basser, P. J., & Assaf, Y. (2009).

    Brain, 132(5), 1210–1220

6. AxCaliber: A method for measuring axon diameter distribution from diffusion MRI

   Assaf, Y., Blumenfeld-Katzir, T., Yovel, Y., & Basser, P. J. (2008).

   Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 59(6), 1347–1354

Selected Papers Related to Our Technology

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