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Head of R&D

What We Do

Rooted in deep-neurotechnology, Brainvivo has created an innovative technology that unlocks the sophisticated biological neural network of the human brain to expand people’s capabilities and automate tasks that require human judgment, emotional insight and intuition.

Our mission is to digitize the human brain’s abilities and make them universally accessible. We transform people’s holistic brain responses into brain-based-models that can be trained for new use cases, and on low amounts of data.

Our models extract human-level insights from data at scale, allowing us to solving real-world problems where the brute force of big data falls short.

As our Head of R&D, you will design, build, and lead the development of Brainvivo’s technical infrastructure and the core modules of our groundbreaking Brain-Based-Platform. You are going to unleash your brain intelligence to inspire technical innovation, construct our cloud platforms, and impact our product and business roadmap. You will play a key role in helping us solve one of the hardest challenges – codifying humans response to content. You are going to take full ownership of  the delivery process, you will direct and oversee all R&D aspects of new and existing products in the company, manage our growing R&D team, recruit top engineers and build a culture of excellence and pride in the solutions delivered. You will work with the other members of the senior management team to further the company as a whole. You are going to build what no one has ever built before.

What We'll Do Together

What We’re Looking For?

•Prior experience as VP R&D - at least 3 years.

•A brain specialized in leading R&D teams - at least 5 years of experience

•Experience in designing large scale ML & big-data cloud-based projects

•Extensive skills in big-data infrastructure development, maintenance and deployment (distributed file systems, NoSQL Databases*)

•A sharp mind, well-organized and with very good attention to detail, to mentor teams, challenge technical designs and codes

•Specialization in Python and Java/Scala

•Unique brain wiring to build stream-processing systems, using solutions such as Storm or Spark

•A seasoned leader to master several cloud hosting environments (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)

•A master in packaging scalable technologies (Docker, Chef, Puppet) and Kafka or other distributed Pub-Sub

•A true teammate, uplifting people around you


*such as HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB and Impala, and relational databases such as MySQL and SQL Server

If you have the brain for it –please ask a mutual collaborator to make an intro

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