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Brainvivo’s humanized-AI platform brings human capabilities to automation

Imagine a world where you could exactly predict people's opinions on any type of given data.

Imagine instantly understanding the emotions, perceptions, and judgments of your customers, friends, and colleagues without wasting time on asking them, A/B testing or trial and error. From, “How am I dressed this morning?” to “Do you like my product?”, you could gain the insight required to make the best possible decisions.

Imagine having the ability to zero in on any criteria, such as location, culture, gender, age, religion, or professional experience — and even segment by level of expertise in a given field — and find out how this group would answer a question with the click of a button.

In a world where your audience’s perceptions, emotions, instincts, and judgements could be accurately represented in a digitized process, you’d have all of the information you’d need to virtually guarantee success.

This may sound a little too futuristic to be true, but it’s exactly what Brainvivo is doing. With it’s humanized-AI platform, Brainvivo provides access to human brain-level judgment to help solve the greatest challenges.

The literal “brainchild” of neuroscience experts Doctor Assaf Horowitz and Professor Yaniv Assaf, Brainvivo is the first ever digitized brain platform, built on a models that can mimic the way real human brains process data.

Brainvivo transcends the limitations of conventional-AI

Assaf and Yaniv spent more than two decades researching and performing hundreds of MRI brain scans to understand the unique ways humans process information. Today, Brainvivo is leveraging its proprietary neuroscience techniques to digitize the human brain and build innovative models that mimic human cognitive capabilities.

Bridging computer science with neuroscience, these models are considered a breakthrough in the AI field.

How it works

Our cutting-edge technology unlocks the sophisticated biological neural network of the human brain to automate tasks that require human judgement, emotional insight, and intuition.

Although it may sound too sci-fi to be true, the company already has multiple projects validating its approach and showing its application within real commercial needs.

Beyond classification, Brainvivo’s models can perform contextual learning, emotional analytics, visual inspection, and tell fake or doctored images apart from real ones. Additionally, these models can accurately predict how people would perceive a variety of sensory data, such as how it makes them feel and their motivation to perform an action as a result of this feeling.

Conventional-AI can’t do everything we think

it can

Companies love to tout the power of their AI solutions. But in reality, conventional-AI (i.e. machine/deep learning) is still heavily reliant on human intervention, and its capabilities are more limited than most people think.

Just training a typical AI system to perform a simple task requires feeding it thousands upon thousands of data points, a time-consuming and mundane task. After all of that, these conventional AI models can only identify and interpret the specific task it was trained to do.

For example, by reviewing thousands of images of cats and fish, conventional-AI can easily classify new images of these animals, but it can’t do much more. That means that if you use conventional-AI on the image below, it will classify it as a cat or as a fish.

Conventional AI isn’t like human thinking — it doesn’t have the capacity to make inferences from what it has learned in the past, to make a novel judgement. But with one glance at this image, your brain has already made dozens of conclusions.

For example, you know it’s a fusion of a cat and a fish, and this animal doesn’t really exist. Yet, you can imagine what it would feel like to pet it: the soft cat fur and smooth fish scales. You can imagine what it would look like if the animal had a fish’s head and a cat’s body instead. And, of course, you have an emotional response to seeing it.

Brainvivo’s Humanized-AI platform generates these human insights, taking AI to new heights

Stay tuned! In our next blog, we will illustrate real-life use cases where Brainvivo helps companies accurately predict human perception, engagement, emotional response, and expert judgment.

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