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Brainvivo elevates user engagement with humanized-AI

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to guess again? What if every time you had to make a business decision — like which image will generate the most user engagement on your product page — the answer was delivered to you with the click of a button?

As we explained in our last blog post, the development of Brainvivo’s humanized-AI has made these futuristic capabilities a reality. Based on over 20 years of neuroscience research, Brainvivo is the first ever digitized brain platform that can replicate human cognitive capabilities, enabling companies to automate tasks that require human judgement, emotional insight, and intuition.

The applications of Brainvivo’s platform are virtually endless. From marketing optimization to emotional labeling to materials classification of images, businesses across numerous industries are already reaping the value of Brainvivo’s humanized-AI.

How can companies use humanized-AI?

Brainvivo’s platform can be used to solve many business problems. Here are five examples of common uses.

1. Visual optimization and engagement

Brainvivo’s visual optimization solution empowers companies to choose the visual content that will deliver the best results (e.g. highest conversion rate or user engagement), whether that’s in their landing pages, customer journeys, product images, or marketing campaigns. Instead of wasting time performing A/B testing or guessing which visual will perform best, our model will analyze your images and tell you exactly which ones will resonate best with your audience and drive the desired action.

2. Audience segmentation and clustering

When you need to know how an ultra-specific segment of your audience or users will react to something, generic demographic segmentation (such as region, age, gender, or religion) won’t cut it. But with Brainvivo, you can create and represent hyper-specific audience clusters — even those it has never targeted before (and therefore lack data on) — and choose the most engaging visual to maximize performance. In addition, Brainvivo can segment your audiences according to their brain response. After analyzing an image, the platform can tell you which segments of your audience (for example democrat vs republican or iOS vs Android) will feel the strongest feelings of joy, anxiety, or any other emotion you’re interested in pin-pointing.

3. Emotional labeling

Visuals that generate strong emotional reactions in their audiences are more memorable and achieve higher conversion. But if your images trigger the wrong emotional response, you can inadvertently hurt viewers’ perception of your brand. With emotional labeling, each time you need to decide on a visual — for a product page, website, social media post, or ad — you can be confident the image you choose will evoke the right emotions in your viewers, which translates to higher engagement. In addition, Brainvivo can identify the core emotions each image evokes — joy, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, and calm — which can be used as a data layer, enabling companies to improve their search and recommendation capabilities.

4. Materials perception and classification

Not only can Brainvivo’s humanized AI platform accurately identify and categorize different materials shown in an image, but it can also easily identify if the material is soft or hard, smooth or rough, and even how absorptive it is. It's almost impossible to replicate this task using classical image processing methods.

This capability is crucial for the biggest consumer goods companies, which need marketing visuals to reflect the quality and texture of their products, as perceived by the audience. For example, Brainvivo can analyze different illustrations of toilet paper and indicate which will seem the softest in the eyes of consumers.

5. Expert knowledge and judgement

Companies choose to leverage Brainvivo’s humanized-AI platform to integrate expert judgement into core processes to boost speed and accuracy. For example, we trained our model to replace QA experts on the manufacturing line who identify and classify hardware manufacturing defects at a nanometer scale. Our model managed to achieve an accuracy of 99.7%. In addition, our visual anomaly detection solution can be used to distinguish deep fakes and manipulated images from authentic photos and videos with 97% accuracy.

Visual optimization and engagement — Goodbye A/B testing, hello A/Z testing

In the rest of the blog, we will dive deeper into the first capability: ‘visual optimization and engagement’ (in our next blogs we will explore other capabilities).

When you need to choose the right visual content, why waste time on trial and error? A/B testing is time-consuming and expensive. Whether you’re working on product design, UX, web design, or advertising, performance depends on the success of your visuals. With Brainvivo, there’s no need to perform A/B testing — performance optimization and engagement are guaranteed.

Brainvivo enables companies to extract human-level insights from data at scale to enrich their understanding of users and choose the most effective visuals. Meaning, you’ll gain the ability to understand what people feel when they see certain visuals, how they perceive them, what will drive them into action, and how well an image fits the desired context and intent.

Instead of A/B testing, our solution tells you with even greater accuracy and far greater speed which visuals will drive the highest engagement and conversion rate for any kind of audience.

If you ever find yourself asking one of the following questions, Brainvivo can help.

  • Which creative will engage users the most and improve conversion?

  • Which image evokes the strongest feelings of comfort among millennial high-tech workers? Among baby boomer professors?

  • Which in-app illustrations will drive greater user engagement?

  • What kinds of website images will help you build the cheerful and modern brand image you are going for?

Early adopters are already reaping the benefits of humanized AI

One of our customers — a large international gaming company with a $180 million annual marketing budget that runs 80 ad campaigns a month — experienced “game-changing” success with Brainvivo.

After implementing Brainvivo's solution into its marketing-design cycle, the company was able to significantly reduce design-to-campaign time while boosting engagement by as much as 42% and revenue by as much as 46% for these campaigns. Today, their high-speed system for selecting visuals enables far more efficient processes, less wasted time for designers, and better business outcomes.

Unlike conventional AI, Brainvivo can actually replicate the uniquely human cognitive capabilities of judgement, reasoning, and intuition.

By mapping these processes from real human brains, Brainvivo is the only humanized-AI platform that allows businesses to integrate human-level understanding into automation.

We are revolutionizing the way companies make decisions, engage their audiences, and ensure quality. Today, early adopters are poised to solve their greatest challenges — and they have already gained a decisive edge over their competition.

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